Core Developer with $THC

edited June 2021 in Employment

- Solid knowledge of computer science fundamentals: algorithms, data structures, databases, distributed systems, operating systems, networking

- Strong knowledge of C++, React, Python Typescript and Node.js

- Understanding of API design (REST, RPC)

- Previous experience in working with - - -Blockchain-based applications

- Previous experience in writing smart contracts

- Previous experience in deploying enterprise-grade dapps on any major platform

- Good understanding of git and continuous integration tools

- Self-motivated, innovative and proactive

- Ability to take responsibility for projects and the willingness to learn and grow professionally in a team environment

Bonus - this makes you stand out:

- Experience with decentralized file systems like IPFS, swarm, dat, hyperdrive.

- Experience with modern web development, especially React

- Familiarity with kubernetes, Amazon Web - - Services or Google Cloud Platform

- Knowledge of Infura / Alchemy, the Komodo Platform

- Security knowledge: smart contracts, internal awareness, etc.

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