$THC Windows Walkthrough

Gather THC addresses for migration from your HempCoin QT wallet by 

first Opening your HempCoin QT wallet

this does NOT have to be synched fully.

Select File on the Menubar.

Select Receiving Addresses.

Copy Each Address that you want to migrate.

Go Unlock your QT wallet by Selecting Settings on the Menubar, then unlock wallet.

Enter your passphrase here if you created one to unlock your wallet then Press OK.

Open debug console by Selecting Tools on the Menubar, then debug console.

Enter (dumpprivkey Txxxxx) into the console, without the () and place your THC address in place of Txxxxx.

This will return your Private Key for the address you just input, KEEP THIS SAFE!!

Download THC Windows binaries, extract them, and place the files in a new folder on the Desktop called THC ('C:\Users\YourUserName\Desktop\THC')

Open a Command Prompt for the following steps.

Create the Komodo directory in the AppData directory:

mkdir "%HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\Komodo"

Create the THC directory in the AppData directory:

mkdir "%HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\Komodo\THC"

Create the THC.conf file:

notepad "%HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\Komodo\THC\THC.conf"

When Notepad opens, Click Yes to create the THC.conf file.

Copy the information below and Paste it into Notepad:

addnode=1.eu.thc.electrum.dexstats.info:10020 addnode=2.eu.thc.electrum.dexstats.info:10020

Change rpcpassword and rpcuser to something secure

After pasting, Save and Exit Notepad.

Create the directory for ZcashParams:

mkdir "%HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\ZcashParams"

Download following files in ZcashParams folder:






In the Command Prompt Run komodod.exe:

"%HOMEPATH%\Desktop\THC\komodod.exe" -ac_name=THC -ac_supply=251253103 -ac_reward=360000000,300000000,240000000,180000000,150000000,90000000,0 -ac_staked=100 -ac_eras=7 -ac_end=500001,1000001,1500001,2000001,2500001,4500001,0 -ac_perc=233333333 -ac_cc=2 -ac_ccenable=229,236,240 -ac_script=2ea22c8020987fad30df055db6fd922c3a57e55d76601229ed3da3b31340112e773df3d0d28103120c008203000401ccb8 -ac_founders=150 -ac_cbmaturity=1 -ac_sapling=1 -addnode=1.eu.thc.electrum.dexstats.info:10020 -addnode=2.eu.thc.electrum.dexstats.info:10020 -earlytxid=7e4a76259e99c9379551389e9f757fc5f46c33ae922a8644dc2b187af2a6adc1

Komodod should start syncing. You can check progress by inputting this in another terminal window:

"%HOMEPATH%\Desktop\THC\komodo-cli.exe" -ac_name=THC getinfo

If you’re importing more than 1 THC WIF you should do:

"%HOMEPATH%\Desktop\THC\komodo-cli.exe" -ac_name=THC importprivkey <THC WIF> "" false 0 212

for all them but.. 

The very last one:

"%HOMEPATH%\Desktop\THC\komodo-cli.exe" -ac_name=THC importprivkey <THC WIF> "" true 0 212 

for the last one. True/false is telling the daemon whether or not to rescan, so if you use true for all of them it may take a very long time. 

Please join the Discord for support:


For technical and other info:


On staking:


To LOCK 100k THC:

1 - Create new address 

"%HOMEPATH%\Desktop\THC\komodo-cli.exe" -ac_name=THC getnewaddress

2 - Validate address 

"%HOMEPATH%\Desktop\THC\komodo-cli.exe" -ac_name=THC validateaddress <Rxxxx> 

this will return a value in { } you need to copy the pubkey 

3 - Set public key for THC while Daemon is running 

"%HOMEPATH%\Desktop\THC\komodo-cli.exe" -ac_name=THC setpubkey <pubkey>

4 - Lock>100k THC

"%HOMEPATH%\Desktop\THC\komodo-cli.exe" -ac_name=THC rewardslock THC 5b24f3dfc85fe880450696ff23f1268ab9b6e97cd21b09857f78b37e33c5b543 <amount to lock>

5 - Broadcast the output of rewardslock command which will be a wall of hex, take that hex and input

"%HOMEPATH%\Desktop\THC\komodo-cli.exe" -ac_name=THC sendrawtransaction <that hex>

Your coins will now be locked.

To see rewardslock info: 

./komodo-cli -ac_name=THC rewardsinfo 5b24f3dfc85fe880450696ff23f1268ab9b6e97cd21b09857f78b37e33c5b543

To stop the wallet:

"%HOMEPATH%\Desktop\THC\komodo-cli.exe" -ac_name=THC stop 

Show current block & wallet balance: 

"%HOMEPATH%\Desktop\THC\komodo-cli.exe" -ac_name=THC getinfo 

Create new receiving address: 

"%HOMEPATH%\Desktop\THC\komodo-cli.exe" -ac_name=THC getnewaddress

Send to an address:

"%HOMEPATH%\Desktop\THC\komodo-cli.exe" -ac_name=THC sendtoaddress "Raddress" "Amount"

replace "Raddress" with your newly created address returned from getnewaddress and the amount you want to send

Windows Binaries https://github.com/KomodoPlatform/komodo/releases/tag/dev-0.4.0a

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