What can I do with an old .dat wallet backup folder?

Hello all, I'm hoping to get some help. I have a backup file from the POS/POW THC Hempcoin wallet. The wallet has a balance and some that are stuck staking.

I would like help with setting up the new wallet and importing the old Dat info so I can recover my coins. Can anyone offer advice?

The last time the wallet was connected to the network was Dec 12 2019

I also have the dump file and the CSV file.


  • Good day,

    Thank you for reaching out! Depending on your Operating System (OS) you should follow the guides listed here in the forums, here is one for example on Windows <https://forum.hempcoin.org/discussion/9/thc-windows-walkthrough#latest>.

    Otherwise you can join the $THC Discord server to ask the community in real time, this help is also pinned in the Support channel there. $THC Discord Link is on the front page of hempcoin.org.

    Have a beautiful day!

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