Breaking New Ground: The HempCoin ($THC) Partners With Incipient Corp

Incipient Corp. is a Technology Consulting Group based in Rutherford, NJ specializing in open-source technologies, digital business solutions and product lifecycle management.

Driven by a passion to Reimagine Experiences to Identify and Capitalize on Digital Opportunity for Start-Ups, Business Owners, SMBs, and Enterprises. Each solution Incipient provides will address today's challenges, while establishing a foundation and vision for the future.


Telephone: 201.559.3411


  • Seeing the vision of the hemp industry, he invested quite a bit of money in Hempcoin.

    My investment has been dormant on the Bittrex exchange for several years.

    The foundation's roadmap is still undetectable.

    Was my choice of trusting and investing in Hampcoin wrong?

    Will my hope, which I have been waiting for for several years, come out with good results in 2022?

    I would like to know the specific roadmap of the foundation.

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